How your logo becomes your branded workwear

1: Your logo and where it will go!

To begin your no-obligation quote, Brand Your Workwear needs a logo for your company. You may have just one or two lines of text which says what you do or you may have already paid for a designer to create a pictorial logo for you. This can be supplied to me in PDF, JPEG or PNG form.
At this point you also need to know where you want the logo to appear on your workwear as stitched designs can only be stretched so far. So for example, will your logo be on the left breast area of your workwear or do we need a much bigger size to put across the back?
My digitiser assesses the logo which enables me to work out how much it will cost to actually embroider. Digitising is when your logo is turned into a stitch file that a computerised embroidery machine can read.

2. Choose your workwear

You can choose from a huge collection of professional workwear HERE which shows current stock levels at one of my biggest suppliers – if your size isn’t available I’ll check with my other three suppliers too. Whether you need hoodies, fleeces, polos shirts, summer or winter formal shirts, long or short sleeved etc etc, there’s lots to choose from.
If you don’t know where to start and need some help just message me as I have several specific brands I regularly use for my clients.  Just make a note of the product code, size, colour and quantity.

3. Message the details

Either email the logo and products list directly to or use the contact form. I can update you with the latest product prices and the cost of including the embroidering of your company logo onto all items in a no-obligation quote.

4. Invoice

As a small business I have to ensure all costs are covered so invoices must be paid in full before work can be carried out – as your personalised items cannot be sold onto someone else!
A test out of embroidery will be emailed to you, the customer, for agreement before work begins to ensure you are happy with it (style, colours etc).
If you wish to order a plain sample of a product, perhaps to check sizing, these must be paid for in full but can be used against your future order. If you wish to return the item there would be a restock fee (See FAQs).

5. Getting the job done

Embroidery is long lasting and with the use of quality threads, gives a professional and smart finish. It is carried out by a commercial multi-needle machine which reads the computerised digital file.
It requires the use of threads, a stabiliser backing and occasionally a topper on the product to support the embroidery. This is why I always carefully check the quality of garments chosen to ensure they can support the embroidery.
Embroidery works best on polo and formal shirts, softshell jackets, fleeces and hoodies and aprons. It an also be used on items such as t-shirts but the gsm(weight) must be of a high density otherwise the embroidery will fail.

6. Delivered to you

All items are either sent via a signed for courier or Royal Mail service, or delivered to you if within the catchment area of MK17 OBH. (This will be set out on the invoice).
Then it’s just a case of you wearing your new workwear and cracking on with business!

Remember  – if you just want to talk through an idea or perhaps have no idea where to start, just pick up the phone! I’m around Monday to Friday 9am-6pm on 0781 309 3186