In 2014 I formed Lovingly Labelled. A small business, which I’m happy to say is still around. Its main purpose is to produce personalised embroidered gifts for children.

When I first started I was approached to help a fellow small business with their branded workwear as they were encountering the common problem of big providers wanting big orders. And so the embroidered workwear element of the business was born.

As the two areas are quite different I always meant to separate them to make it easier for small businesses to find me for their workwear. But it was a job I kept putting off as I dislike building websites – and almost all the business is recommendation so I haven’t needed to advertise it.

However, Lockdown 3 in this time of Covid-19 has finally given me some time and that’s why Brand Your Workwear is now the new site for the workwear supplied and embroidered by myself.

It’s still the same great quality products and excellent embroidery – even the same telephone number, just a new website. But that’s why you’ll see the name Lovingly Labelled on some of the testimonials.

At some point I’ll have a fancy logo too but for now I’m cracking on helping people who have started up in these recent times ranging from florists to electricians and plumbers as well as clients who are expanding their teams or need additional workwear to cope with the change in weather.

If you’ve any questions feel free to drop me a line using this contact form or you can call me on 0781 309 3186.

Best wishes